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Hi, I’m Fernando, a U.S Army Veteran, passionate about Financial Freedom, being Frugal, Investing and Entrepreneurship. I made this blog to help others while I am on this journey to Financial Freedom. I love providing information to others and watching them succeed! Check out my blog and gain some free knowledge and most importantly thanks for visiting!

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The whole purpose of me making this blog is to help others that want to be more knowledgeable financially. I will provided the tips and tricks that I use on the everyday bases and what I will use in the future! You will grow your bank account like I have done to mine and trust me it’s not about the money! It’s about being secured in life in case major events happen and to reduce stress that wouldn’t occur if you did have money to solve it! So let your Ferns grow while you apply these strategies in life!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Fernando. Previously a Infantryman (11B), I became obsessed with personal finance in 2016 and freelance writer in 2021. When I’m on my free time I spread my knowledge on frugality, I love writing about my frugal ways that can be applied with everyday activities, investing, and living a healthy and organized life! I achieved major goals that I would like to spread with others so that they can have a better financial life!

At the age of 25 I was able to save over $100,000. Have two working cars and a piece of property! Most importantly I am debt free! That’s right no debt! It wasn’t easy, but I changed my life style. Changing my life style over time becomes easy. I became a growing Fern! I’m not bragging by any means and it feels weird to type this, but I wanted to tell you that it’s possible for anyone to achieve this. ONLY when you are ready and want this to happen.

If an Infantryman can save six figures in my bank by the age of 24, why can’t you?

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